How To Make Espresso And Raspberry Truffles At Home

There are few gifts more appreciated than a delicious box of assorted truffles... but a box of truffles that you made yourself is even more impressive. While plain chocolate truffles are delicious, your friends will be even more in awe if you present them with a box of espresso and raspberry flavored truffles that you made in your own kitchen. Here are simple directions for making each type.  Espresso Truffles Read More 

3 Tips For Making Your Wedding Reception More Budget-Friendly

Planning your wedding reception can be exciting and stressful, especially when you start considering the costs. Although you may have dreams of a lavish reception, you can have a memorable event without driving yourself into debt. Here are some tips to keep your wedding reception more budget-friendly. Scale-Back Your Guest List One of the biggest budget breakers for both the wedding and reception is inviting too many people. This can lead to paying off wedding debt for several years. Read More 

Make Homemade Pizza In A Wood Pellet Pizza Oven

A wood pellet pizza oven is a gas stove with an attached container to hold wood pellets that add flavor to pizza. These pizza ovens have controls that are similar to conventional ovens that produce an adjustable flame at a constant temperature. The attached container holds wood pellets made of different woods to give unique flavors to pizza. Some of the wood pellets that can be used include hardwood, fir, beech, oak, cedar, hickory, maple, mesquite, oak, and pecan. Read More 

The Confusion Behind Tipping In Asian Restaurants

Asian restaurants provide Americans with a wide range of delicious ethnic foods. After finishing eating at one, many people may be confused about tipping. Will the people who own the restaurant be offended if you tip? That all depends on many factors. Cultures Will Vary Asia is a very large continent, not a country, and the various countries inside of it have different ideas on tipping. For example, it is against the law in many areas of China to tip. Read More 

Tips For Vegan Dining At A Mexican Food Restaurant

Dining out as a vegan can sometimes be a challenge, especially if you want to enjoy some of your favorite ethnic foods. Mexican food is a favorite of vegans cooking at home because many of the dishes are well suited to alternative proteins like beans, but it can be harder to achieve when dining out. The following tips can help you have a successful vegan visit to your favorite Mexican restaurant. Read More