How To Select Glassware To Go With Your Different Dishes

Have you discovered that your good sets of glasses have gone by the wayside? Perhaps you started out with plenty of glasses, but time and accidents took care of eliminating many of them. Or maybe you have just decided that it's time to select new glassware to go with different dishes that you use for each occasion. No matter the reason, from choosing juice glasses for breakfast to selecting glass goblets for more elegant events, here are some ideas that might help you.

Breakfast Glasses - Think about what you serve your family and house guests for the morning meal.

  • Think about selecting small glasses that are perfect for fruit juice. If you have little children in the family, consider  that small glasses are also easier for little hands to hold. 
  • A good choice for milk drinkers would be a standard tumbler glass that goes well with your breakfast dish pattern. If you have very simple plates, think about buying tumblers that have something like flowers as part of the design.

Glasses For Casual Meals - Whether it's for lunch or for suppertime, think about selecting glasses that are casual in their design.

  • For example, consider buying tall, slender glasses for beverages like lemonade, fruit punch, and ice tea.
  • For those who enjoy a beer with their meal, think about buying glass beer mugs which will go with any of your dish patterns.

Glasses For Elegant Meals - Do you enjoy having formal dinner parties? Maybe you like having friends over for an elegant lunch. Either way, choose glasses that will help to set an elegant mood.

  • For example, think about buying tall, stemmed goblets in which you can serve wine or non-alcoholic bubbly. The great part about having elegant goblets is that you can even use them for desserts. 
    • Just picture layers of raspberry sherbet, whipped cream, and a chocolate topping served in a tall, stemmed goblet, and you'll get the picture of how versatile your elegant goblets could be.

Of course, your family and guests may be coffee drinkers or people who love hot chocolate or hot cider. Think about selecting cups of different patterns that reflect family members' personalities. For example, if your spouse loves classic movies, buy him or her a coffee mug with a picture of his or her favorite movie star on it. Choose your children's favorite cartoon characters for their mugs, and buy a special one just for yourself.

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