3 Things To Do When You Get A New Bag Of Whole Bean Coffee

Buying Colombian whole bean coffee is so much more exciting than buying generic, ground coffee from the grocery store. Especially if you buy high-quality Colombian coffees, each type of coffee you buy is going to be different. If you really want to get into coffee and enjoy it to the fullest, then here are three things worth doing each time you get a new bag of beans.

Write down the information.

Before you throw the coffee bag away, take an index card and write down the key information about the coffee. Include the name, origin, distributor, brand, and any tasting notes that the bag may include. This way, even with the bag gone, you will have a record of the coffee that you tried in case you want to buy it again. Some people add notes to their index cards as they taste the coffee, and then they keep all of the cards from the various coffees they've tried as a sort of souvenir of their coffee drinking adventures.

Seal most of the beans up.

Unless you drink multiple cups of coffee every day, it will probably take you a few weeks to go through an entire bag of whole bean coffee. So, to keep the beans as fresh as possible, you'll want to seal most of them away in a glass jar or other well-sealed container. If you have a vacuum sealer, you could even vacuum seal them. 

Cup your coffee.

Cupping is a method that serious coffee drinkers use in order to accurately taste and sample new coffees. It's a good idea to cup your coffee whenever you get a new type of Colombian beans in, as doing so will help you enjoy the nuanced, different flavors.

To cup your new coffee, start by grinding 10 grams of your beans on the coarse setting. Place the ground coffee in a small mug or cup. Heat some water to 200 degrees F, and then pour 150 grams of water into the bowl holding the 10 grams of coffee. After four minutes, use a spoon to remove as many coffee grounds as you can from the cup. Let the coffee cool for a few minutes, then start sipping. Some people prefer to sip from a spoon.

If you take the time to write down the information, seal up your beans, and cup your coffee each time you get a new one, you'll enjoy getting new coffee even more.