Are You Hosting A Texas-Themed Wedding Reception?

If you are hosting a Texas-themed wedding reception for your daughter, you are about to have a lot of fun simply planning the event. From the wedding invitations to arranging for wedding catering, here are some ideas that will help you to plan a reception that the bride and groom will forever remember:

The Invitations -

The invitations will set the mood for your daughter's Texas-themed wedding reception. If you want to go with something super informal, start with the invitation. For something a little more elegant, you can still establish that with your wedding invitations, too.

  • For an informal invitation, consider a picture of the bride and groom wearing boots and cowboy hats.
  • Another idea would be to have bride and groom sketches riding on a horse into the sunset.
  • For a more formal tone, consider having a simply bluebonnet on the front of the invitation.
  • Or, think about creating a brand of the bride and groom's initials and having it as part of the design.

The Decorations - Think of everything that is Texas to use as the decorations. Use bluebonnets a lot.

  • For an informal reception, think of putting cowboy boots filled with bluebonnets on the tables. Faux silk ones will probably be your best bet.
  • Another idea is to put the bluebonnets in Mason jars and tie lassoes around the jars.
  • For a more elegant look, think of putting the bluebonnets in tall glass vases.
  • Or, just tie a sprig of bluebonnets with leather and lace.

The Food - 

Unless you're up to cooking up a storm the day of your daughter's wedding, it would be a great idea to arrange for wedding catering. Just tell the caterers that you are focusing on a Texas theme and they'll help you to plan a delicious meal.

  • For an informal venue, think of having various barbecued meats with sides like corn, slaw and green beans.
  • For a Tex-Mex meal, think of having a fajita bar with things like chicken, beef, guacamole, beans, and rice.
  • If you want something more formal for the meal, think of having the caterers serve small steaks with baked potatoes and salad.
  • Besides the traditional wedding cake, offer Texas chocolate sheet cake decorated in a Texas style.

Are you having a DJ or a band at the wedding reception? Either way, think of including Texas themed songs. Deep In The Heart Of Texas would be a great song for the bride and her father to dance to for the first dance.