Unknown Tricks And Tips For Your Keurig K-Cups And Machine

If you have a single-serve coffee machine, such as Keurig, and you use Keurig K-cups to make coffee, you might be surprised to learn more about how to use this machine. Not every tip and trick is listed in the three-page owner's manual! The following tips and tricks are only known to coffee devotees and loyal Keurig users, so do not be too surprised if you have never heard of them.

Two Ways to Stronger Coffee in a Single-Serve Brewer

There are two ways you can get stronger coffee in a single serve brewer, and get more of it. The first is to set your brewer on the demi-tasse setting. This is the smallest coffee cup brewing size pictured on the coffeemaker's screen. It will cause the brewer to filter far less water through the coffee pod into your cup. To get enough coffee to fill a sixteen-ounce travel cup, brew three pods on the demi-tasse setting. Your coffee will be quite rich and black.

The second way to get stronger coffee is to use coffee pods labeled "dark" or "French" roast. These coffees are extremely strong, and quite bitter. Unless you do not mind coffee this way, you may need to add cream, milk, or sugar. When you brew these pods on demi-tasse setting, you get the strongest coffee possible.

Remove the Drip Pan When Your Travel Mug Is Too Tall

Single-serve brewers that offer the travel mug setting can only accommodate sixteen-ounce mugs. If you want to fill a twenty-ounce travel mug, there is a cheater method to do this. Simply remove the entire drip pan from underneath the coffee dispensing area. Now you have an extra inch or two of added space that will help your travel mug fit!

Reuse a K-cup for Weaker Coffee

The coffee inside a coffee pod is real coffee. It is not instant, as some would have you believe. That means that after you use the pod, the grounds are still in the pod. If you leave the pod in the machine, you can reuse it for a much weaker cup of coffee in the afternoon. It makes better sense than throwing it away and spending a lot of money on half-caff or decaf coffee pods and you will get twice as much value out of the same box of pods.

Program Your Machine to Dispense Coffee at a Specific Time

Most of the higher-end, single-serve coffee brewers do have clocks, alarms, and timed dispenser functions. Most people do not give this a second glance, when they absolutely should. Think about it; how many times in a week do you wake up and fumble with the machine to make a cup of coffee only to turn it into coffee to go?

You really do not have to do that. Simply program your coffee maker to dispense coffee into your travel mug at whatever o-dark-thirty hour you need it, drop a pod into the machine, close the lid, and walk away. When you wake up, your coffee is already ready.

Bring-Your-Own Brand of Coffee

If you are deeply loyal to a specific brand of coffee, and it does not have a K-cup variation, that is okay. This company makes a special filter and cup holder system just to brew your own blend. For a while, it was removed from the market and other generic companies filled the void. However, the demand was so great that the company brought back the special filter and cone system so that they could regain the money the company lost on dropping this product and idea. Whatever it is you drink, you can use this filter and pod holder system in the Keurig machine to brew-your-own.